About Vidyamandir Society

History of Vidyamandir Society

With a view to making women or girls-students self-reliant and imparting them useful productive higher education, Vidyamandir Society was set up in 1948.

The chief motto of the Vidyamandir Society is to awaken the need and awareness for the higher education among women and train them as well disciplined and self-dependent in various fields of life.

A generous doner Mr. Faramrose Wadia donated a big building to the women college in memory of his loving son Late Mr. Zal , hence the Z.F.Wadia Women's College came into being which was affiliated with S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai then.

Besides this college building, Vidyamandir Society is fortunate enough to build a big hostel building with all necessary facilities. A large number of women has taken the advantage of this hostel.

Thus Vidyamandir Society has been making progress in the field of women education and such other spheres with satisfaction.